Computer Organization Ebook

Computer System Architecture Ebook

Author: Mano M. M.
Edition: 3rd 

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Computer Organization Unit – 10

Characteristics of Multiprocessors, Interconnection Structures, Interprocessor Arbitration, Inter-processor Communication and Synchronization, Cache Coherence, Shared Memory Multiprocessors

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Computer Organization Unit – 8

Input-Output Organization
Input-Output Interface, Asynchronous Data Transfer, Modes Of
Transfer, Priority Interrupt, DMA, Input-Output Processor (IOP),
CPUIOP Communication, Serial communication

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Computer Organization – 7

Computer Arithmetic
Introduction, Addition and subtraction, Multiplication Algorithms (Booth Multiplication Algorithm), Division Algorithms, Floating Point Arithmetic operations, Decimal Arithmetic Unit

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Computer Arithmetic

Computer Organization Unit – 6

Pipeline And Vector Processing
Flynn’s taxonomy, Parallel Processing, Pipelining, Arithmetic Pipeline,  Instruction, Pipeline, RISC Pipeline, Vector Processing, Array Processors


Computer Organization Unit – 5

Central Processing Unit
Introduction, General Register Organization, Stack Organization, Instruction format, Addressing Modes, data transfer and manipulation,Program Control, Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC)